Pro Debut! (プロデビュー!?) is the second episode of Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! Anime Series. This episode revolves around the training Sakura needed to become pro.


Sakura gets the okay to start her training at Berserk and her coach Rio puts her through her paces. Four months later, following the Hell of a Hundred Throws test, she is deemed ready for her debut match, but finally getting in the pro ring makes her realize how serious the sport is.

Character AppearancesEdit

Sakura Hagiwara

Elena Miyazawa

Nanami Kanno

Yuuho Mochizuki

Aika Hayase

Rio Kazama

Seiichi Inoba

Misaki Toyoda

Kanae Fujishita


Makoto Kirishima

Chinatsu Suzumoto

Kurea Komiyama

Ryou Nishihara


Major Events Edit

  • Sakura leaves Sweet Diva.
  • Sakura joins Berserk.
  • Sakura goes through Hell of 100 throws.
  • Sakura loses her first pro match.

Animation TriviaEdit


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